The Music Shop Mysteries: based on the real life Charlie Byrne Music Shop 1870-2021 Mrs. O'Brien investigates a dastardly murder in her beloved West Stephen Street - but who can she trust? and who is On the Fiddle!

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Mrs. O’Brien made her debut in The Little Shop of Murders Anthology.

Now enjoy a full length mystery novel featuring Dublin’s oldest family owned music shop, a host of memorable characters and of course, Teresa O’Brien - she may be in her seventies but she’s sharp-witted and kindly, with a will of iron.

Property developers are sniffing around her precious Stephen’s Street, threatening her neighbours' businesses. As all the shop owners band together to try and stop the new landlords evicting tenants, murder strikes. When the hated representative of the new landlords is found in Fancies cafe, the Gardaí are sure it was Dan, the owner; Mrs. O’Brien is sure there’s more to the story. As she digs deeper, she finds a lot of people who wanted Liam Pollard dead - corrupt officials, crooked business men and greedy relatives.
Can she solve the mystery ad save Dan? Whose story rings true and who is On the Fiddle?

Other Characters:

Mai Khan - the irrepressible teenager whose parents own the Noodle Palace, with an ear for gossip and a heart of gold.

Michael Clancy - young Luthier, working with Teresa O’Brien and keeping the tradition of making and repairing instruments alive.

Catherine, Clara, Peadair and Eamonn, the Super-Ukes group members, ukulele players extraordinaire and devoted sidekicks to Mrs. O’Brien

Garda Detective Malachy Flynn - wise, calm and very much an admirer of the elderly but redoubtable Mrs. O’Brien.

plus the eccentric and fun characters that make Dublin’s music scene the best!