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About Me:

I am a poet, writer and teacher, based in Dublin Ireland.
My work has been published in a wide range of anthologies, media, ezines and performance pieces. My collection of poetry Dreams of Reality is currently available on Kindle and will be in paperback late 2020. My poems have been adapted for several theater performances, and my original naming ceremony was used to raise funds for children's charities in both Ireland and the UK. I have prose pieces on spirituality in several publications e.g. Harp Club and Cauldron: A Harvest of Knowledge. My latest short story A Stranger Among Friends has been shortlisted for the Cunningham Short Story and will be published in the 2020 winner's anthology.I have poetry included in Poems from the Lockdown, a global collection of poets on the coronavirus era. 

I have taught online classes in Poetry and folk magic traditions notably through the Irish Pagan School
I have been a teacher and leader in Irish spirituality for many years, and have written and performed ceremonies for Births, Deaths, Weddings, Cleansing and most recently, Renaming/Separation ceremonies.
I am happy to work for anyone who requires it regardless of any considerations of sexual orientation, gender, or spirituality. My focus is on creating truly bespoke ceremonies, inspired by the needs and aspirations of my clients. I want them to not only reflect the occasion but enable the person to express their unique sense of self.

About Me: About Me:



My new class on The Rosc, Peotic Magic from our Druidic Past is available for download from the Irish Pagan School

Online Class which gives an introduction to the Old Irish form of Poetry called Rosc (a short poem, ode or chant), which is integral to Ireland's native Magic and Spiritual Practices - from a native Irish File (Poet), who will bring you on a journey through this Poetic Magic from our Druidic past.

We examine questions and cover topics such as:
  • -- An intro to Draiocht Ceoil (the magic of words and sound)
  • -- An examination of what a Rosc is, in poetic terms
  • -- The type of magic it was used for
  • -- Examples of the Rosc from Old Irish literature
  • -- Its use in Draiocht Ceoil and folk magic
  • -- The construction of a Rosc
This class includes some practical prompts, discussion, Q&A from the live session, and instructional 'homework' for you to construct your own Rosc poetry!

This teaching is suitable for beginners, as well as those with more experience in this area, or in other traditions. You do not have to be dedicated to or working with any Irish Gods, Guides, or Guardians to take this class.

Your Course access enrollment below includes recorded access to:

  • -- Class Presentation Slides
  • -- Class Video
  • -- Class Audio
  • -- Class Chat Log/Resources
  • -- BONUS Resources
You will get the unique perspective of a native Irish File who has studied Rosc Poetry directly, and is a published modern Irish poet and musician too. You can find more of Geraldine's work at

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TEFL English Lessons

I am a qualified TEFL teacher, with certificates in Teaching English as a second language (ESL,) Teaching ESL online and Teaching  ESL to Young Learners.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts (hons) in English and History from UCD. I am also a poet and writer, published in a variety of magazines, anthologies, E-zines and other media. I have led Creative Writing groups, given many poetry readings, and have facilitated writing and poetry presentations.

I love language, and would love to help you enjoy English.

I offer one on one teaching sessions, 40 mins for €12 (pay as you go) or a block of 5 lessons for €10 each (€50 for 5 lessons paid in advance.) I include a free taster lesson - 20 mins free chat to see if you would enjoy learning with me.

I am happy to tailor lessons to your needs - many students can read English well, but need to improve their conversational English, or listening skills. Others need help understanding business terms, lecture notes, or wish to concentrate on a specific area. Together we can make a plan that will help improve your English.

For many students, online lessons are the most convenient.
 See available hours and book here. 

I am happy to conduct lessons in person too.
I am available to teach in Dublin 2 (city centre) I recommend meeting in a cafe and practicing English in a real life conversational setting, for those who need to improve their receptive skills.
See available hours and book here. 

Also, I have limited time slots available for one on one teaching in private in Dublin 12.
 See available hours and book here. 

In all settings, we can work on general understanding of English, including grammar and vocabulary with exercises in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Or we can work on specific areas you need to improve. I am happy to look over course work and proofread for errors, or help with composing emails and letters.



  • Dublin, Leinster, Ireland