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About Me:

I am a poet, writer and teacher, based in Dublin Ireland. 
I live in Dublin, with my husband and two children and when not writing about murder I am usually reading about it. More peaceful pursuits include Knitting Crocheting Card and Jewellery Making, and I have an Etsy shop for crafty goods. I use Bio Link for all my online and social media profiles. You can follow me at Goodreads, Amazon and more places:

A graduate of both UCD and The College of Commerce, I worked in Advertising and Publishing followed by almost 30 years in retail.  I am a poet (see below for listed work) as well as a teacher (IPS, Creative Writing Courses, TEFL.) Apart from a large body of poetry, and now crime fiction novels, I also write and perform Ceremonies for weddings, funerals, rites of passage, house cleansing, divorce and more.

My other passions 

My Murder Mystery series featuring Caroline Jordan and the world of Irish Politics, Socialites and Artists is available on Amazon, Kindle, and all good book shops. Published by PPP Publishing, Book one (The Body Politic) and Book two (The Body Count) will be followed next year by the third book in the series, The Body Beautiful.

Other Work
My work has been published in a wide range of anthologies, media, ezines and performance pieces. My collection of poetry Dreams of Reality is currently available on Kindle. My poems have been adapted for several theatre performances, and my original naming ceremony was used to raise funds for children's charities in both Ireland and the UK. I have prose pieces on spirituality in several publications e.g. Harp Club and Cauldron: A Harvest of Knowledge. My short story A Stranger Among Friends has been shortlisted for the Cunningham Short Story and will be published in the 2020 winner's anthology. I have poetry included in Poems from the Lockdown, a global collection of poets on the coronavirus era.  

Geraldine is a writer and poet from Dublin, Ireland. She studied in UCD, worked in Advertising and Publishing and finally returned to her family roots to run a famous music shop in Dublin. She finds musicians are as mad as poets and it all works well together. Her work draws on a variety of inspirational sources - Old Irish mythology, Irish literary forms, modern politics mixed with the ancient tradition of Satire.
She has several poems in the Poetry From the Lockdown, Willowbrook Press, and her short story "A Stranger Among Friends" was a prizewinner in the Cunningham Short Story Comp and is included in the winners anthology 2020.

Her work has been published in Anthologies (inc Where The Hazel Falls /Electric Publications; Jane Raeburn Collection; Small Things; Pagan Paeans; Brigid's Runes) and Magazines (inc Asian Geographic -frontispiece, Tribes Edition; American Dowser)as well as Ezines (inc Prairie Poetry; Poetry Life and Times.) Other includes Gods and Radicals Anthology "A beautiful Resistance"; The 1916 Rising Commemorative Magazine "Sixteen" (several issues, featured poet.)

Geraldine was a founding editor of the PPP poetry ezine/workshop which is now a small poetry collective dedicated to helping new authors. She was also editor of Pagan Paeans (with Simone L Hogan). In 2011 she was a prize winner, Listowel Writers Week John Creedon Inaugral Poetry Competition. Her work has been performed by theatre groups in the USA and UK - notably "Death of the Hero" and "Bealtine".


Geraldine has taught online classes in Poetry and folk magic traditions notably through the Irish Pagan School and has been a teacher and leader in Irish spirituality for many years, and have written and performed ceremonies for Births, Deaths, Weddings, Cleansing and most recently, Renaming/Separation ceremonies.
She is happy to work for anyone who requires it regardless of any considerations of sexual orientation, gender, or spirituality. Her focus is on creating truly bespoke ceremonies, inspired by the needs and aspirations of my clients. She wants them to not only reflect the occasion but enable the person to express their unique sense of self.

About Me: About Me:

The body count 

The body count 
Jordan PR is about to pitch for their biggest contract yet. The Bank of Leinster has been rocked by scandal and now they need a top Public Relations firm to steer them back on track. It's a contract that could make all the difference to Caroline Jordan and her colleagues. The only problem is the fresh corpse in the Bank of Leinster meeting room...

When Frank Clarke is found murdered in meeting room number four just before their meeting, Caroline is determined that this time she won't get involved. She had enough on her plate, with Paula and Stephen getting married, political reforms looming and an iconic art exhibition to arrange for the famed Charlie Loxburg. And despite the death, there is still the matter of the Bank contract to secure. But in Ireland all things are connected and old secrets bind strange bedfellows.
And when DS Doyle calls in a favour, can Caroline possibly resist investigating the rising Body Count?

OUT DECEMBER 2021 - preorders opening soon!
Book two in the Caroline Jordan Mysteries.

The Body Politic Ebook


Caroline has a dead minister of state, a new job to manage, a fledgling PR company to save - the last thing she needs are rumours of murder and a strange policeman dogging her steps. Can she outwit the murderer, save her company, impress her new VIP client and most importantly, survive? She's not sure but fueled by vodka, rage and steely determination, she's going to give it a good try!
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Caroline Jordan Mystery Bk 1 - now available to buy!

REVIEWS " absolutely loved this book. The characters felt real, the plot made sense and was a complete page turner for it. " Knitruns (Amazon) 

The Cunningham Short Story Competition Winners Collection

Poems from a Lockdown, WIllowbrooks Press

Dreams of Reality - A Collection (poetry)

PUDDLES! A children's picture book

Pagan Paeans - The PPP Anthology

Where The Hazel Falls - Poetry

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Join me on Saturday 28th at the Mael Bridge Book launch, to celebrate her new Bridget of Ireland Devotional, A poetic devotional to our most beloved Goddess (later Saint) of Ireland.
This will be a communal celebration, and I am delighted to say I will be reading a poem. It begins at 9pm Irish time Sat 28th(1 pm Pacific Time USA) and runs for about an hour. Registration is free through ticket tailor, event is on Zoom. Please do join us for this joyful and uplifting event!

This month for me, is all about giving back. Inspired by the story of Lugh and his foster mother Tailtiu, it's a time to give to my community. At the moment an important community for me is that of the Family Carer, especially those caring for people with ALzheimer's and Dementia. As I deal with the every day pain and burden of being a family carer, I have found so much support and understanding not from official websites or advocacy groups but from facebook groups and similar, where ordinary carers meet online to discuss our days.
I have launched a series of poems Beside Manners: Alzheimer's and the Family Carer. Poems go up on Twitter, and then are cross posted with full commentary to Instagram. You can follow me on either site @gercelt - and if you have personal lived experiences to share in any written or viisual form, you are more than welcome to contribute. Email me or DM on Twitter/Insta (do put Poetry Series in your post, or it will get overlooked)

Poems 1-5 are up and poems 6-10 follow in the next 5 days (August 11th onwards)

Commemoration Ceremony - FREE
I am currently writing a template for a commemoration service, for use free of charge for anyone who lost someone during C19 and were unable to celebrate their funeral adequately. Once it's available, if you need help personalizing it I am happy to help. I hope to offer it from August 25th onwards.


Check out my new course on Irish Pagan School
Draíocht Ceoil
Sound and Magic in an Irish Tradition, with a Native Irish File

Recorded live -
Online Class which explores the Irish magical tradition of Sound and Music , with a native File (Poet).
Draíocht Ceoil is an Irish folk magic tradition with its roots in our Druidic/ Filí heritage. It focuses on the use of sound including words to create magical effect; also to understand the sounds found in the natural world and use them to attune spirit to place. Sound can be used to change the energy of a place, manipulate crowd energy, or focus spell work. Music and word was inextricably linked in Irish traditions, and Draíocht Ceoil has many facets and equally, many uses.

Part 1 will cover:
  • Introduction to Draíocht Ceoil
  • Druidic and Old Irish roots
  • Folk magic tradition
Part 2 and Part 3 will include practical examples, lots of noise, and fun!Covering the magical properties of sound, such as:

  • Man made sound high/medium/low notes
  • And sound in nature "whisper, song, roar"
  • Awareness of Sound, affect of sound on individual/groups/places.
Combining sound and word to produce magical change and transformation:
  • Using music with existing magical practices
  • Using music to help spirituality
  • Using sound in nature to connect to land.
Taking this course through the IPS supports native Irish educators and prioritizes Indigenous Irish practices



Missed the launch? check it out here

The Body Politic is available now in paperback on Amazon
  • ISBN-13 : 979-8639992001
  • ASIN : B08WTZR96T
Only €9.95 / £8.75 / $10.75

PREORDER NOW - The kindle edition of The Body Politic is available online for the introductory price of €3.30 to reward early bird buyers and supporters! Also preorder customers are invited to the March Virtual Book Launch!


The Body Politic, the new detective novel by Geraldine Moorkens Byrne, will be available for preorder soon! Kindle release date is February 28th (available for pre order from Feb 21st)
Paperbacks will be available from Amazon initially, then from selected bookshops and direct from Author. Release date pending.
Kindle edition available to friends and family and early birds initially at €3.95
Paperback €9.75 from Amazon UK, De, USA and most other channels.
We will post links as soon as available.
Bookshops or looking to buy direct please PM, favourable wholesale rates available as ever!
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Delighted to announce that my first detective novel The Body Politic will be released FEB 2021
Title: The Body Politic, A Caroline Jordan Mystery
Humourous, lighthearted, cosy mystery, fun read, set in the world of Ireland's Public Relations / Political/ Socialite scene (with added Gangsters)

Full details, February 21st


My new class on The Rosc, Poetic Magic from our Druidic Past is available for download from the Irish Pagan School

Online Class which gives an introduction to the Old Irish form of Poetry called Rosc (a short poem, ode or chant), which is integral to Ireland's native Magic and Spiritual Practices - from a native Irish File (Poet), who will bring you on a journey through this Poetic Magic from our Druidic past.

We examine questions and cover topics such as:
  • -- An intro to Draiocht Ceoil (the magic of words and sound)
  • -- An examination of what a Rosc is, in poetic terms
  • -- The type of magic it was used for
  • -- Examples of the Rosc from Old Irish literature
  • -- Its use in Draiocht Ceoil and folk magic
  • -- The construction of a Rosc
This class includes some practical prompts, discussion, Q&A from the live session, and instructional 'homework' for you to construct your own Rosc poetry!

This teaching is suitable for beginners, as well as those with more experience in this area, or in other traditions. You do not have to be dedicated to or working with any Irish Gods, Guides, or Guardians to take this class.

Your Course access enrollment below includes recorded access to:

  • -- Class Presentation Slides
  • -- Class Video
  • -- Class Audio
  • -- Class Chat Log/Resources
  • -- BONUS Resources
You will get the unique perspective of a native Irish File who has studied Rosc Poetry directly, and is a published modern Irish poet and musician too. You can find more of Geraldine's work at

Bespoke Ceremonies


  • Dublin, Leinster, Ireland


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Creative Writing Workshop

Free, 2 hour creative writing workshop. Venue to be finalized, due to Covid 19 restrictions. Bring along your work, receive feedback and peer review as well as a professional guide to improving technique. Explore plot, characterization and structuring your work. Any genre welcome in prose form. (Poetry workshop to follow later in Autumn 21) Your facilitator: Geraldine Moorkens Byrne

  • Date: 01/08/2021 04:00 PM
  • Location: Dublin 2, Ireland (Map)

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