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Artist Eve Caulton is 50, divorced and ready for a new life. She can’t believe her luck when she manages to buy Kimberly Cottage, one of a perfect little crescent of cottages on Bramble Lane. She can look forward to peace and quiet, in one of Dublin’s most exclusive suburbs.

But before she has even unpacked, there is a dead body in her living room and she's a chief suspect! To complicate matters, her mother Niamh calls on her gang of feisty older ladies, who bring wisdom, experience, and very special skills to the case. They might be known as “Old Bats” by some, but they will stop at nothing to untangle the secrets of Kimberly Cottage’s past and solve the case before it’s too late.

Can Eve prove her innocence? Why was Brian O'Reilly killed and what was he doing in her living room? Which of her neighbours are capable of the crime and does the answer lie in Kimberly Cottage's long buried past? Eve must find a balance between the old ways and the new and come to terms with her own family heritage to unravel the secrets of another…

Murder and mischief with a dollop of Irish magic make this a fun, escapist cozy mystery!

EXTRAS – All the magical practices are based on authentic Irish Traditions and there is a bonus section explaining them; A map of Bramble lane is also included and a recipe for Tea Brack (aka Barm or Bairín Brack)


Nadine's Cozy Reads "This book feels like laughter lines, charming and real"

Amazon Reader: "This is the felgood mystery you've been waiting for..."

Dundalk FM ArtZone "I can't praise this book enough, I loved it!"

BookZone LIffery FM "Absolutely loved The Kimberly Killing!"