Carefully crafted ceremonies to celebrate the life of your loved one.

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Please note that I offer reductions for circumstances requiring them email

Funerary rites are a special area of interest: I teach a class on Funerary rites, keening and other associated traditions for the IPS

From personal experience I know the difficulty involved in trying to craft a funeral service for someone who isn't part of a main stream religion. Often we have to compromise, to accept the easier route of established services or we face a tremendous pressure at a time when we are not able for added stress.

I have created several templates, that can be fleshed out with personal details, to enable a personal ceremony with the least pressure. Because so little notice is usually the case with bereavement, this provides personally tailored ceremonies in a short amount of time. This service includes ongoing consultation online and via email, or in person if in Dublin. Whatever suits the family. 

The same applies to memorial services (especially post Covid, many families opted for memorials as the funerals themselves couldn't be attended by many) 

I am happy to answer queries at the email above