Framed and signed print of popular poem A Leaf in Autumn by Geraldine Moorkens Byrne Themes of childhood, beauty in odd moments, resilience, freedom

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Leaf in Autumn is a poem by Irish poet Geraldine Moorkens Byrne. It's theme is finding magic and  beauty in even the most mundane moments. It's secondary theme is a simple moment seen through the eyes of a child. 

This charming print is supplied framed; it is a physical object (if you prefer a digital download please look here: )

Ideal for many rooms in your house, from office to hallway, bedrooms, dining and living room.

A reminder to look at the world through a child's eyes, to carry moments of magic with us throughout life.

Leaf in Autumn

The gutters turned to streams,

torrents raging through the streets

as grey rain beat down on us

as the wind whipped us

as the sky turned dark.

As I clutched my mother's hand

I saw a leaf charge the rapids,

white water of the drains,

to spend one moment suspended

in the eye of the storm.

And I followed it as it journeyed

through the streets

out of sight but never out of mind.

I follow it still, when the rain howls

and the wind catches my fancy

blowing it where it will

Somewhere out there, it wanders still.

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne (all rights reserved, copyright reserved)

About the author:

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne is a poet and writer from Dublin Ireland. Her poetry has been extensively published in magazines, print anthologies,  e-zines and performed as theatre. Her work is recognised for its deep roots in Irish mythology and heritage.

Chiildhood, memory, resilience,
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Autumnal, Leaves

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