Bespoke Funeral Ceremonies

A few years ago a close friend died and his funeral was to be a Humanist ceremony.  The Humanist Society of Ireland did a wonderful job of facilitating the ceremony (and I would highly recommend them) but the problem was there was no funeral service per se. The celebrant turned to my husband, who then had to spend 24 hours constructing a funeral service that would do justice to his friend of 30 years. It was a hard task, grieving as he was, but he pulled together a wonderful remembrance and joyful celebration of his friend.

At the service, many of our peers remarked that they would opt for a service like that, but that it would be hard on their family to have to try to come up with a service as well as arranging the funeral and all the other pressures that bereavement brings. 

This is why I offer a Funeral ceremony; I have several "templates" that can easily be customized to reflect your loved ones views and personality.  Using the template nearest to your requirements you can create a ceremony that suits your needs. 

Venues for Secular or Alternative Funeral Services

Mount Jerome, Dublin

This service is accessible for free but if possible a €50 donation to the Irish Hospice Service is requested.