Bespoke Wedding Ceremonies

Bespoke Wedding Ceremonies

Whether your big day is traditional, or unconventional, you want a ceremony that is tailored to you and unique to your relationship. From purely secular to Pagan weddings, I can help with a bespoke ceremony, written only for you and based on your needs, thoughts, love story. 

I celebrate love in all its forms, marriage equality, and trans equality are hugely important and couples who are same -sex, gender fluid, non binary, trans are all extremely welcome. I would love to put my creativity to work celebrating your love 

Why A Bespoke Ceremony?

Many people find themselves needing a celebrant, as well as a registrar now. Celebrants often have template ceremonies that they use, and try to personalize to each couple. This works well to a point - but what if there's more YOU want to say, or elements you want to work in but find you can't explain them?

Many couples now want a family member or friend to act as celebrant - which is lovely, but a bit daunting for them. Providing them with your own ceremony, fully actualized and easy for them to perform, means they can give you their very best on the day.

You've waited for this day and you want to do it right - so why settle for a ceremony that isn't fully yours? I have written wedding ceremonies for couples for over 10 years now, and have found that simply reflecting your individuality makes a wedding far more special and memorable than any amount of flowers or wedding favours.

I am an award winning, published poet and I love to use language in creative and poetic ways.  I can write a ceremony that is as simple and/or secular as you want, or one that is complex and filled with rituals that mean something to you. I can help you express your spiritual and emotional point of view in a way that will translate to your guests, and that will be easy for your celebrant* to convey. 

How does it work?

 I start by interviewing the couple which can be done in person over a cuppa (I like coffee :) ) or online if more convenient. 

I love to hear your story - how you met, how you see each other, what love means to you, what marriage means to you.

Important details we need to take into account include length of ceremony, whether you want it to be secular, or spiritual and what form of spirituality you want to embrace. 

This initial consultation usually lasts 30 minutes and is free.

 If you decide to go ahead, we can continue from that point for as long as we need or schedule another chat at your convenience. If you decide after the initial consultation to go ahead, I require a small deposit to secure the service. The balance is paid upon completion. 

Ideally your ceremony should reflect your individual personalities and your personality as a couple. Some couples share common hobbies that mean a lot to them, some couples share a laugh over how different their tastes are. Some are opposites, some are twin souls. A ceremony should tell a story - it should leave the guests at your wedding feeling that they know you even better now, that the day was uniquely yours. Stories, poems, readings from books, symbolism, music...all these are tools to create something that feels natural and unforced, as well as joyful and inclusive.

Many couples have a loved one they want to include in a special way, and many have a deceased friend or relative they would like to honour. Whatever is important to you, will be important to the ceremony.

What do we get?

I provide a beautifully presented, souvenir copy, full written ceremony including the order of service, readings, custom written poems or vows, and ritual(s) I will also provide a copy for the Celebrant to use, indicating not only the order of events but what they mean to you, and how you envision them. I am happy to answer any questions the Celebrant has to help them perform your ceremony. 

What does it cost?

I charge €150 for writing the wedding ceremony; this includes text for the order of service, any rituals included in the ceremony, any poems or reflections you wish to include and vows if needed.  This includes the free initial 30 min consultation and any further chats/meetings/emails as needed. It also includes the souvenir presentation copy and the celebrants copy.

If you wish to provide order of service scrolls or booklets for your guests that is not included.

*Can you be the Celebrant?

Short answer: *I can also act as celebrant for an additional fee depending on venue, and availability. NB I am not a registrar, or solemnizer; you need to legally marry with a registrar.

Long Answer : Yes, but do remember a celebrant is not an official solemnizer. You may wish to have a solemnizer who can legally marry you, register the wedding etc. If you wish to use my services as a celebrant, you need to arrange a registry wedding to be legally married.

Here is an excellent Irish Times Article explaining various options

Having said that, many couples now do exactly that. It frees you up to have the wedding ceremony you really want, in whatever venue you like. Some couples want to be married in a ceremony in their homes, others choose a place of wild beauty and others like to hold the ceremony in their hotel venue. Crucially, going this route enables you to have your ceremony on the weekend rather than Monday to Friday and you don't have to 

The cost of registry weddings is usually around €200. In addition to this , many celebrants charge €450 to perform the ceremony. Like all things wedding related, the cost mounts up very quickly. With this in mind, I usually charge €400 if the venue is in Dublin or 45 minutes travel from Dublin. This includes the bespoke wedding ceremony as outlined above; consultations, a rehearsal if possible (we can rehearse online if not in Dublin) ] 

Occasionally people want the celebrant without the bespoke ceremony: the cost for that is €300.