Bespoke Naming/Coming of Age Ceremonies

Marking rites of passage is a tradition as old as humanity. For many people, baptizing a baby is not about joining a church, so much as celebrating the birth of the child and their importance to family life. More and more parents are choosing ceremonies that are either more reflective of their own spiritual beliefs or are secular in nature, but retain the principle of introducing a child to its community.

When we present our children to their community, either as part of naming them, or later as toddlers, we not only introduce them to their family and circle of friends we also invoke the protection and interest of that community in their well being. 

Naming ceremonies are nothing new, I wrote my first one over 25 years ago and it has been used many times since. However now more than ever before parents want to feel involved in the ceremony itself - not sit on the sidelines watching someone else name their child. Bespoke naming ceremonies can be the perfect way to create a moment that not only celebrates the naming of your child but makes the parent an active participant in the moment, and ensuring that the event is a true reflection of their family and values.

Naming ceremonies can take many forms - my original ceremony was based on Old Irish concepts, and was elaborate compared to more recent versions. Some parents want a simple ceremony, with the celebrant being either one of them or a close friend. Other parents prefer a structured ceremony, with more symbolism, or the invocation of a deity they feel suitable. Often they would like absent family members, or deceased loved ones, remembered as part of the ceremony. By having a ceremony written and constructed especially for you, you create a wonderful memory and a story to tell that child as they grow.

Another popular rite is the Presentation (see picture above, my eldest child being presented at Tara) A presentation is a lovely ceremony that asks the assembled community of friends and family to acknowledge the child (at any age) and to be part of their development into adulthood. The emphasis is on being part of an extended network of people who by kindness and right action, can help a child grow and reach their full potential. 

My commitment is to producing the kind of ceremony that reflects your values as parents, your hopes and dreams for your children, and their place in our community. 


Written Ceremony - written in consultation with the parents, designed exclusively for this child, ceremony only - €50

Naming Ceremony 25 mins apx  - written in consultation with the parents, designed exclusively for this child,  performed in a venue of your choice (inc outdoors) Dublin Venue €120 ROI* €150

Naming Ceremony inc Presentation of other Siblings Dublin Venue €150 ROI* €170

Presentation Ceremony only - performed at a place of your choosing Dublin  Venue €75 ROI €100*

* Please note, the rate for ROI assumes travel expenses to venue. If transport is provided to and from, the "Dublin Venue" rate applies. 

Reductions available for people on disability, employment benefits and inome support