Help writing Vows/Wedding Speeches (inc poem)

You have the wedding venue, you have the celebrant, the invitations have been sent, the band is booked....

And then you sit down to write your vows. Because, you want a special touch for your day.  Or you want to make your speech just that little bit special. You've so much to say, a heart full of sincere emotion to share - and words fail you.

Everything sounds wrong, you can't decide any more if that opening joke is good, bad or will ensure you're destined for the divorce courts - it's all getting a bit too much.

It's not that you don't want to say wonderful things, but the things you need to say  are not coming out the way you want them to! 

 You don't want some generic ideas taken from the web in a panic but you can't see where to start yourself.

That's when you need some help. The aim isn't to have someone else write your special vows or speech for you, but to help you express your feelings in a way that is natural to you. 

Together we can sift through the main things you want to say, structure them into a form that you can not only remember but can deliver in a natural and personal manner and above all, make sure your partner is happy. 


I offer a one-on-one consultation*, either online or in person as suits, to work through what you need. Then I construct a basic outline, followed by a second consultation where we will write the final draft in a way you're happy to deliver on the day.**

 I can write a poem especially for your loved one, or source the perfect poem/quote for you. I have written wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies, vows, speeches and can combine a poetic aesthetic with simplicity and sincerity. 

Your speech or vows will be printed and provided in an attractive folder. 

You can then relax and enjoy the journey to your special moment, confident that you can say everything you need to say!

NOTE: If you suffer from anxiety or nerves and need additional couching and help... let me know, I am happy to oblige as far as possible if you want to rehearse (no additional fee, I suffer from anxiety before during and after every single book reading :) ) 

FEE €75 (*€35 payable as deposit, non refundable, before or at initial consultation. **€40 Balance paid before delivery of finished service/writing.)  

Email me to book