House / Space Cleansing Ceremonies

House/Space cleansing ceremonies have existed as long as humans have found shelter from the elements. Wherever we live, or work, or spend time becomes imbued with our energy, our memories and the after effects of our actions. Sometimes it's a dramatic, violent event that leaves an imprint - more often, it's just the slow accumulation of daily events that creates the energy in our homes and work spaces.

Perhaps the energy in a place feels threatening, perhaps it just feels stale. There is nothing worse that living or working in a space that has a bad energy, feels hostile or where bad memories linger! Equally you cannot hope to be productive and creative in a stale environment. 

Cleansing ceremonies can be used to remove bad energy, revitalize the feel of any space, rededicate a space for a different purpose or help you settle into a new space.

Ever tried to get something done in a stuffy, overheated room? Just like you open a window to let in fresh air, the use of sound and smell can clear out those stale, unwanted traces. Equally, when someone feels unhappy or unsettled the ceremony can provide comfort and a sense of control. It can help provide a sense that the past has let go its grip, and that the place is now ready for new energies, new milestones. 


As with all my ceremonies, your vision and your requirements are the primary concern. We can do a simple cleansing, or we can create a deep, personal cleanse that addresses a particular problem in the home.

 Simple ceremonies usually involve cleansing a smaller space,(e.g.  a few rooms/offices)  take 25-30 minutes on average and cost €100. 

Full house* cleansing takes 60-90 minutes and costs €150 on average.

Reductions available for people on disability, employment benefit, income support

* or space equivalent to a full house